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For other label needs, such as file folder or shelf labeling, please visit www. Printer installation instructions for WorldShip can be found at www. How long do repairs take? What size and type of labels does the printer use? Please be sure to have your credit card available when you call.

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Turn off the printer. Downloading Zebra firmware to your printer will only cause damage. Additional labels may be ordered online at www.

Printer installation instructions are located at the following sites: This site is updated frequently with this information. Zebra printers are compatible with all standard UPS shipping labels, including 4″x6.

Press and hold the feed button. How can I obtain software or drivers for my ups worldship zebra printer

How can I obtain a User Manual for my printer? You can order labels online at www. You will need your order confirmation number.

UPS LP and UPS ZP Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

Turn the power on while holding the feed button for 2 seconds only. My printer will not come out of upw Mode” when I press the feed button.

Find complete details about your printer’s warranty. You can identify UPS labels by ups worldship zebra printer and the initials “WR” on the back of the label in the lower left-hand corner. Clean the printhead with a cleaning pen.

Scales are available directly from the scale ups worldship zebra printer not Zebra. Place the return shipping label that was included in your replacement printer shipment on the outside of the package. When can I expect to receive my printer? Where can I obtain UPS shipping pinter for my printer?

UPS LP2844 and UPS ZP450 Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

Try loading a new roll of labels and owrldship the “Dump Mode” process again. For printers purchased by customers Hardware purchased through CTP is customer owned hardware and any technical support or service is provided by Zebra: If and when service is required, you are responsible for ups worldship zebra printer of the printer to the factory, packaging, and shipping costs.

Ups worldship zebra printer the feed button and verify that one label advances to “tear” position. What if I need additional technical support for my printer?

Your printer ups worldship zebra printer also accommodate other label sizes for other applications. Turn the printer off, wait 5 seconds, then turn the printer back on. For complete instructions for installing your printer’s driver, see “How do I install the UPS label printer driver?

A red light may indicate that your printer’s sensors are not calibrated properly to the labels. There is no light on the feed button.

UPS Printer No Longer Prints from UPS Worldship After Installing Zebra Designer Driver

IF the original printer is not returned with 15 days, your credit card will be charged an amount equal to the then current list price for an equivalent printer, at Zebra’s ups worldship zebra printer.

Verify that the printer is now in “Page Mode” by performing the calibration procedure. Make and retain a copy of the shipping tracking number for primter records.

I’d like to use my label printer with another Windows application. What do the different terms within Order Status mean?