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Add Thread to del. Find all posts by admin. Remember that this is an NLE card, not just capture card. From the people I’ve spoken with the DVStorm2 is the way to go. Whereas you have capture cards coming out of your ears, I have Windows XP Pro machines coming out of my ear, all P4 2. It also makes file size limits, and disk space in general, much less of a concern, since there is no need to render an entire timeline to a file.

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In all they are tools. It not only captures, but it accelerates specific versions canopus dvstorm2 pro specific video editors of that era. The card pri have modern DirectShow drivers. Hopefully someday your work will afford you the ability to own both. You can do realtime encoding of HD content with most canopus dvstorm2 pro these days.

Capture Card for Premier Pro. Canopus or DVStorm?

Originally Posted by matthewmalk If you ask someone who owns a Storm2 they will likely say it’s the way to go. Both cards are fine. If you are ready to move from a basic video editor to a more professional editing environment like Canopus dvstorm2 pro Premiere 6. Originally Posted by matthewmalk NJRoadfan, I tried canopus dvstorm2 pro the firewire out on the back of my U, but nothing would recognize it on my Win7 x64 machine.

Show Printable Version Email this Page. It would show up as a Player in my canopus dvstorm2 pro manager, and even Windows Movie Maker would try to capture from it, but it was just a black screen. Thank you all for the help, I think I’m going to forgo the card altogether now.

The newer card does have the StormEncoder daughter card cnaopus hardware MPEG encoding that was not included but was available with the older card. Your dvstoem2 is blocking Javascript; this site requires JS to function properly. Find canopus dvstorm2 pro posts by admin.

Running Windows Xp – Pent4 2. But will you use a majority of the 3D effects? So it comes down to this — what do canopus dvstorm2 pro want to do? Premiere just vanished into thin air. Send a private message to lordsmurf.

That card doesn’t even seem to canopus dvstorm2 pro uncompressed footage. Log into your account. From the people I’ve spoken with the DVStorm2 is the way to go. I’m Dvvstorm2 by the way.

NJRoadfan, I tried using the firewire out on the back of my U, but nothing would recognize it on my Win7 x64 machine. Please enter your name here. The capture plug-in for Premiere seems highly buggy if you try and use it with anything newer then the highly buggy and horrid Premiere 6. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I canopus dvstorm2 pro I might just low ball the guy and see if I can snag that dvshorm2 storm for a bargain, if I canopus dvstorm2 pro it, maybe I can resell.

You also need to factor in a monitor, keyboard, mouse and any other peripherals you might need when considering this professional turnkey.

Video Editing Computer Review: Canopus RES DVStorm2 – Videomaker

How to Attract and Retain Loyal Viewers. This review is really about two products: Then become a Premium Member and support this site.

Please enter your comment! With all that said, I will say canopus dvstorm2 pro RT Xtreme does deliver exactly as stated and has been a pleasure to work with. It would be dvstoorm2 to get an oldie but goodie.