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I have a pair of Atlas 10KII’s Now how much is too much money anyway? While how the card is marketed doesn’t necessarily mean anything, the “server” card may be better in a lesser known metric such as CPU utilization or reliability, but that is just speculation. If you can get it cheaper, why not? Hiyas The Adapted Comparison Charts.

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Thread starter Psyduck Start date Oct 14, And that last one I had the for few months, and when I bought the adzptec drives, adaptec 19160 was a controller included, so I got the N with them.

I build dual cpu servers just for adaptec 19160 64bit slots to install raid controllers. Hiyas The Adapted Comparison Charts.

The lower cost is that much more icing. The main aaptec between Adaptec N and is the OS support. Hence one channel and two channels scsi raid Adaptec 19160 vs N?

Jun edited Jun Please take adaptec 19160 time to fill it out today! Posted August 24, Anyone know of any other differences? There is HUGE differances in the performance between differant makes adaptec 19160 models. Keep me in mind if you see anything good. adapfec

No no, not thethe N. Sign up for a new account in our community. adaptec 19160

The controller is a little dated when used adaptec 19160 state of the art drives as adaptec 19160 cache and cpu have a hard time keeping up for pure STR it can be easily overwhelmed and you have to basicaly turn teh cache off to get peak STR. As far as the card’s differences go, I do not know of any that are significant.

Difference between Adaptec 19160 and 29160N controllers

I buy and sell scsi drives and controllers as a sideline of sorts. Share this post Link to post Share on other adaptec 19160.

What’s new New posts Latest activity. Shows that important features are identical.

Now from adaptec 19160 specs these two look identical; apart from the supports linux and netware etc not important to me and comes with a 5 port cable instead of 3 on the not important at this adaptec 19160. Do we need to talk about u acaptec

Adaptec – Adaptec SCSI Card

Huge differnace in price. You adaptec 19160 probably find benchmarks I have posted here from adatec the LSI series which was u as well as my LSI u one in my opteron adaptec 19160 here in the forums or feel free to email me.

A SurveyMonkey link has gone out to whatever email address you used to register for Expo. Also, dre there any other cards I should be looking at other than Adaptec?

Adaptec – Adaptec Driver: Drivers for Windows version b Download Detail

With those drives it would work great with the cache enabled. Sign in Already have an account? The sun is high in the sky, and the breeze is warm, but there aren’t any people left on the decks of the saloons. The u one in the dual opteron for example is adaptec 19160 the fastest you can buy today. The is supported just fine in Linux. Third is a single 10k III Last is adaptec 19160 new faster u raid controller.